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Tours / Hummingbirds from central Peru photo tour

About hummingbirds

Peru is an Andean country. The Andes mountains has created many climates and habitats. This has allowed many species in Peru to be unique and grow isolated. For example, we can find many species of metaltail and Thornbill.
In central Peru, we can find around 75 hummingbird species, out of which 10 are endemic, and 8 are nearly endemic.
On this trip we will go for the rarely seen hummingbirds that are found in the heights of the Andes.


This photographic tour is designed to find and capture stunning photographs of the iconic hummingbirds of Central Peru.
We will start in the surroundings of Lima, where we can find the Oasis Hummingbird, Peruvian Sheartail, Purple-collared Woodstar, and Amazilia Hummingbird.
We will then go to the Santa Eulalia Route, located in the Andes of Lima, where we can find, among others, the Bronze-tailed Comet (E=Endemic), Black Metaltail (E), Olivaceous Thornbill, Black-breasted Hillstar (E), and Giant Hummingbird.
Continuing along the Central route, we will travel along Satipo Road, where we will spot the Purple-backed Thornbill, Huanuco Starfronlet (a subspecies of the Violet-throated Starfrontlet), Fire-throated Metaltail (E), and Amethyst-throated Sunangel sp Decolor. Possible sightings include the Blue-mantled Thornbill, Buff-thighed Puffleg, Mountain Velvetbreast. Another possible species is the beautiful Bearded Mountaineer (E).
Depending on the days and the chosen season, we can go to the Huanuco area, where we will find some exceptional hummingbirds: Coppery Metaltail (E), White-tufted Sunbeam (E), White-bellied Hummingbird.
We will also encounter other beautiful and hard to see birds during our tour, in addition to stunning Andean landscapes.
We'll photograph as many hummingbirds as possible, but we'll focus on what you won't be able to photograph elsewhere :

  + More species


In the coastal valleys and hillsides, we find shrub vegetation that thrives thanks to humidity, and here we will encounter hummingbirds during certain months of the year.
Then, we will venture into the Andean foothills, where various types of forests exist, such as dry forests, elfin forests, and stunted cloud forests, which are relatively unknown. Here, we will discover many endemic hummingbirds that permanently reside in these areas.
We will also explore extreme habitats, such as grasslands and wetlands, above 4000 meters above sea level, in search of Hillstars and Thornbills.
And finally, we will descend into the neotropical lowland rainforest, where we will encounter more types of beautiful hummingbirds.


This tour has a variable start date and is recommended from April to November. We will listen to your availability to coordinate an appropriate date to make the trip. Minimum group size: two photographers.
We have carefully chosen the route to find these special hummingbirds, and with our support, we will get the best photos.
We will employ field techniques and attraction methods, including setting up perches for perched hummingbirds and flowers for in-flight photography.

It includes

  • Tour guide and local guides in the Reserves.
  • Private overland transport.
  • Main meals.
  • Drinking water.
  • Entrance fees, and guide fees.
  • All accommodation.

Not included

  • Drinks.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Laundry.


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